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Friday, 26 July 2013

School Measurement Collaboration

In the premises of Durga Bhawani Adarsha Community School (DACS), we performed a collaboration work with the Chelsea International Academy. Here I post my experience performing this work guided by NTNSE's project 'School Environmental Collaboration'. Both of the schools are in pursuit of the British Council - ISA (International Schools Award). We are local partners as well.

Our pupils were much interested to measure and compare the rainfall at two different schools of different regions of the country. Our school is located at Dhikurpokhari-9, Serachowr, Kaski. We did same activities to measure the rainfall together with the Chelsea International Academy at the same time. Here, we have posted some photos of our activities in this work. Really, it was good opportunity to us to learn about weather in a peaceful way. Hope, this work will guide us to perform different project works within the curricular domain to the partner school.

preparing the standard rain gauges

installing the rain gauges

installing the rain gauge
installed rain gauge

measuring the rainfall

measuring the rainfall
doing calculation

student's experience

On 24th July, 2013 we completed the school measurement collaboration's first activity. I sent SMS to Mr. Dulal of our local partner school. Our average reading was 55.33 ml. He responded back; their was 122.66 ml.

We are looking forward to our next collaboration: 'measuring area of leaves around our schools'.

Excited !


Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Measuring 'rainfall' under collaboration !

... happy to be part of School Environmental Collaboration and this time - activity on water ...

I have been in SEC project with full enthusiasm and equally feeling something is lacking in non-participating teachers and schools that were selected after the review of the applications.

I have been in touch with Mr. Yubaraj Adhikari, Principal of Durga Bhawani Adarsha Community Lower Secondary School (DACS), Kaski, not only for this project but also for further NTNSE projects and developments. We decided to perform this project upon collaboration.

We asked our pupils to collect some PET mineral water bottles (1 Liter.) of standard size of Nepal. We told them that rainfall of 2 parts of Nepal (Thapagaon, Mid Baneshwor, Kathmandu and Serachour, Dhikurpokhari-9, Kaski) is being measured by making standard and easy-to-make 'rain gauge'. We asked them to cut the cone shape (funnel) of the bottle till the first groove and invert it over the bottle's another part so that water can be collected by the cut-piece-funnel into the next piece-container and use tape to fix the funnel in the container (both pieces of PET bottle). Our pupils at Chelsea International Academy did so and brought 5 samples.

 We helped pupils to keep the apparatus in open place, safe for 48 hours (10:15, 22nd July 2013 - 10:15, 24th July 2013). We measured the rainfall by pouring the collected water into the measuring cylinder and calculated the average.

We measured 122.66 ml in our school and Mr Adhikari sent me SMS from DACS; their result was 55.33 ml. We are looking forward to see blog post from Mr Adhikari.



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