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बाल कथा : यो पढ्ने उमेर
बाल कथा: जङ्गल र मान्छे
बाल कथा: निमाको अनुशासन
Science Teacher Vacancy at Shree Baundeshwor Secondary School, Tokha 01, Kathmandu
Attention Musicians and Music Educators from Nepal: OneBeat fellowship 2020 for Nepali musicians in the USA !
बाल कथा: जुरेलीको गुंड
बाल कथा: "सुनमाया "
Vacancy: EPH Teacher at Manaslu Public HSS, Kathmandu
Vacancy: Office Secretary at Budhanilkantha School
Attention English Language Teachers :: Scholarships in the UK for Masters in TESOL
Educational Radio Drama on Mid Day School-Lunch and Nutrition (2076.07.16)
Masters in Tunnel Engineering to commence from Baishakh Semester 2077.
Utilising Public Libraries in Kathmandu (Part 1): Kaiser Library, Kaiser Mahal
 Educational Radio Drama on Alternative Approaches of Teachers' Professional Development (TPD) (2076.07.09)
 Educational Radio Drama on Identity by Sports (2076.07.02)
Vacancies at Nepal APF School
Attention Teachers / School Leaders :: Write a Case Study and Get a Publication Grant
PhD Fellowship position in the field of vocational education
Vacancy: Book/Course Developer on Botany for School Children
Educational Radio Talk Program on Comprehensive School Safety Programme of Nepal (2076.06.25)
बाल कथा: "भुनेको दसा"
Educational Radio Program on How to Celebrate Dashain without Bad Habits (2076.06.18)
Educational Radio Program on Development of Ideal Behavior in Children, Developing Reading Skill of Early Age Children (2076.06.11)
Vacancy as Technical Teacher with CTEVT school, Bajhang, Nepal
98 days of Maternity Leave in Nepal (notice issued by government agency of Nepal)
बाल कथा: चरीको गुड
How to get NEB 12th grade result
Vacancy: Volunteer Teacher for Pre Primary School, Province 5, Nepal
Call for Research Participants (students aged 12 and over)
बाल कथा: कालेको कथा
 Educational Radio Program (2076.06.04) by Center for Education and Human Resources Development
Vacancy (Science Teacher) @ Shree Sagarmatha Secondary School, Jhapa
बाल कथा: भूनीको व्यथा
Vacancy (English and Social Studies) at Rato Bangala School, Patan Dhoka, Lalitpur
 Educational Radio Program on National Science Day - Ashoj 1 (2076.05.28) by Center for Education and Human Resources Development
 Educational Radio Program on International Literacy Day (2076.05.21) by Center for Education and Human Resources Development
Maths Teacher - Vacancy at SOS Hermann Gmeiner School, Pokhara
बाल कथा: गुडिया र सानी
Vacancies at Janak Education Materials Centre (Ltd.)
Several Vacancies at Nepal Scouts
Vacancy: Administrative and IT Assistant (UNESCO Office in Kathmandu)