NepaleseTeacher.Org is a one-stop site for articles written by teachers, teacher trainees, and other personalities who have degree(s) related to educational sciences and/or pedagogy. Our blog posts are mostly premised on educational content for the school level. It also encompasses blog posts on pedagogical side, including the views and experiences on teachers' professional development, school development, child development, parenting, and other related articles from the professionals/experts.

Since its inception, our common thread has been 'education for sustainability'. Agendas like 'Back to Nature and People' have been well carried by teachers across the globe. We consider that teachers are effective change agents when it comes to the realization of the global agenda of 'sustainable development'. Hence, our articles may also include a range of topics such as organic life, food and nutrition, family life, alternative economy, parenting, circular economy, and so on. However, these articles definitely have educational/pedagogical significance.

We strive to be useful for teachers, teacher trainees, and stakeholders. We share ideas, views, and informed insights for making this world a better place to live. Our blog posts also include our personal views based on our experiences.

Our History

NepaleseTeacher.Org was started as an educational blog in 2010.

The blog served as a network of like-minded teachers. Though the educational blogging was new to many, the individual teachers in the personal networks of the educational bloggers at nepaleseteacher.org showed growing enthusiasm for professional growths while doing meaningful pedagogical cllaborations as well.

During 2012-2015, some teachers stepped one step further and worked together formally under Sustainable Education Group - Nepal.

Since 2016, Dipesh Dulal has been assuming the role of Chief Editor and maintaining this blog.

Many articles (including the images published in the posts) that were published in the past were removed in early 2023 when scrutinized in terms of originality, relevance, context, data protection, and helpfulness.

Founder/Chief Editor

Dipesh Dulal

Mr. Dipesh Dulal is the founder of NepaleseTeacher.Org. He started this blog/website to write on educational topics/issues and inspire those who care about the education sector. He says that his partner, kids, extended family, friends, colleagues, relatives, and his personal/professional lives are the sources of inspiration for blogging.

He has been a teacher of natural science, environmental sciences, population education, health and physical education, mathematics, and social studies. His hobbies are hiking and blogging. In academia and research, his interests are place-based theories, globalization, sustainability, and education for sustainability.

Guest Writers

We are looking for content editors (guest writers) who are passionate about general educational topics, and more specifically on pedagogy and child development. If you are interested in joining our team as a content writer, we look for one of the following requirements along with a passion for writing.

  • Qualified as a teacher (It does not matter if you are currently teaching or not.)
  • Currently in the teaching profession (in formal institutions, or in non-formal education projects)
  • Have a degree in education (or relevant discipline) and want to write on a range of educational topics

Should you be interested in writing with us, please contact us through the contact page.

Social Media

We have a Facebook page. We definitely engage with our followers through the functions in Social Media, such as comments.